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Live Webinar Date:
21 March 2022



Webinar 3 must have been completed prior to attending  Webinar 5.

Webinar 5 Learn how to make Halo’s, half wigs and fringes using your clients own hair or donated hair from their families and friends or hair from the community into a wig of their choice.

Live Webinar 5 Date: 21st March 2022
Time: 9:30am onwards
Cost: R2000.00 excluding kit
Dark hair Kit: R826.00 excluding courier
Light Hair Kit: R1226.00 excluding courier

Course Syllabus

Course content is as follows:

  • Estimated 4 hour power point presentation along with a live demonstration of the step by step procedure of styling period wigs for example head wraps and sleep caps will be demonstrated.   
  • Step by step process of making a Halo, Half Wig and Fringe. 
  • Detailed explanation of the different hair types  (looking under a microscope).  Understanding the hair follicle.
  • How to harvest fine, normal and course hair from your clients on an ongoing basis.
  • Storage and documentation of donated hair for the Hairs With Love Campaign.
  • The introduction of Backabuddy and the Hairs With Love campaign  
  • Step by step explanation of how the campaign works and what is expected from each participating hairdresser.

Section 1: Cutting fabric and sewing the head wrap and sleep cap.

Section 2:  Using hair previously prepared from Webinar 3 in a Halo, Half Wig and Fringe will be made.

PDF and Vimeo link to follow a few days after the webinar.

Individual replacement items can be ordered by arrangement post webinar training.

Example of the certificate you will receive upon completion of one of our webinars, as well as our license to show that you are certified as a contributing participant in our Hairs With Love Campaign.

* The monies paid for the kit and the webinar are non-refundable once payment has been made and the kit has been delivered to the hairdresser and access to the webinar granted.

* The kit and webinars are for training purposes only and A Few Grey Hairs accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage whatsoever sustained by yourself or a third party in the use of the kit or the training and hereby indemnifies a Few Grey Hairs against any claim for any damages  sustained by yourself or a third party in the providing of goods or services to a third party.  The webinar is a transfer of skills based business and no certification is offered.


HAIRS WITH LOVE™ Extension strip Patented with Webber Wenzel “SA Patent APPL No 2021/01314” Copyright subsists in this webinar and is owned by A Few Grey Hairs CC. Any unauthorised reproducing, publishing, performing, broadcasting, transmission or adaptation of the webinar is an act of copyright infringement and will result in civil law copyright infringement and may in certain circumstances lead to criminal prosecution. The content of the webinar may not be reproduced, published, performed, broadcast, transmitted or adapted by any third party or placed on any social media platform. Any person infringing on the copyright of A Few Grey Hairs CC will, in addition to facing criminal and civil liability, be removed from A Few Grey Hairs’ accredited list of hairdressers who receive free hair and will not be allowed to continue to participate in the HAIRS WITH LOVE™ campaign or any of the HAIRS WITH LOVE™ social media platforms.



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