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Course Syllabus
  • Estimated 4 hour power point presentation along with a live demonstration of the step by step process of making hand tied hair extensions/weaving.  
  • Detailed explanation of the different hair types  (looking under a microscope).  Understanding the hair follicle.
  • How to harvest fine, normal and course hair from your clients on an ongoing basis.
  • Storage and documentation of donated hair for the Hairs With Love campaign.
  • The introduction of Backabuddy and the Hairs With Love campaign   
  • Explanation of how the campaign works and what is expected from each participating hairdresser.
  • Step by step demonstration of how to make hand tied extension weaving using various hair types.
  • We will demonstrate making hand tied hair and a 3 stem switch. 
  • Tried and tested Do’s and Dont’s
  • Price list explanation which can be adjusted to accommodate price increases in the future.