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Course Syllabus

Course content is as follows:

  • Estimated 4 hour power point presentation along with a live demonstration of the step by step procedure of styling period wigs for example Marie Antoinette style will be demonstrated.    
  • Step by step process of making a beard (Goatee), moustache and eyebrow.  
  • Detailed explanation of the different hair types  (looking under a microscope).  Understanding the hair follicle.
  • How to harvest fine, normal and course hair from your clients on an ongoing basis.
  • Storage and documentation of donated hair for the Hairs With Love Campaign.
  • The introduction of Backabuddy and the Hairs With Love campaign   
  • Step by step explanation of how the campaign works and what is expected from each participating hairdresser.

Section 1:  Styling period wigs for example Marie Antoinette style (This will be a demonstration only without contents in the kit to follow step by step)

  • Planning the style in a diagram
  • Washing a wig and correct roller set
  • Sectioning wig for combing
  • Backcombing
  • Styling

Section 2:  making a beard (Goatee), moustache and eyebrow.

  • Blocking of tulle
  • Hand Ventilating of tulle
  • Cutting
  • Styling
  • Application to the face
  • Removal from the face